Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Goals

Oh, what a cold, sleety, slushy, sloppy day! I've been shivering non stop.

Makes me want to curl up and sleep for 2 weeks. Not write goals. But of the two choices, one is clearly wiser. So here we go:


1) Get taxes filed

2) Triathlon training in full swing!

3) Go out twice, again :)

4) Finish preparation for 3rd education presentation at work.

5) Have a movie nite with my buds!

6) Register for spring races

7) Reduce diet coke (again) while upping water intake

8) 6 servings of fruit/ veggies per day

9) resume and keep up with gratitude journal

10) Have a great trip to Vancouver!!

Luck o' the Irish to everyone!

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