Monday, April 5, 2010

April Goals

1) Completely rehab my back so I can resume triathlon training. (Fully knowing that maybe this year is a year of sprint distance. Or not. We'll see)

2) Six to Eight servings of veggies a day.

3) Trunk stabilization exercises every day this month.

4) Six to eight glasses of water per day.

5) Back to journaling daily...gratitude and events!

6) Get roth IRA set.

7) Up 403 B contributions at work

8) Go out twice this month. (it's a sad sad state of affairs when I need to make goals to get my ass out of the house!)

9) Spring cleaning done and done (including getting the warm weather clothes out of storage. Yay!)

10) DVD classes done and done.

1 comment:

the gazelle said...

I originally read #6 as "get GOTH IRA set" and was super intrigued. sadly, it is probably less exciting than my sleepy brain originally led me to believe. :)

I hope that your back gets completely rehabbed soon. It sucks to be out of commission.