Sunday, April 4, 2010

March goals recap I am, in full recuperation mode. I can actually sit long enough to do a proper post without regretting it later. I was wondering if I should even do a goals update, seeing how my little injury messed up all my plans. But then I thought...isn't that what goal updates are all about? Factoring in life and adjusting the goals accordingly? SO here is my fractured, rather sad goal update.

March Goals:

1) Get taxes filed. ok. that I got done.

2) Triathlon training in full swing. um, no. I tried to get on my bike with my awesome new clipless pedals yesterday to take advantage of this splendid weather. But I had gone about 1/2 mile when my entire right leg went numb. So I came home, did my back exercises, and tried to take the mountain bike out. I got about 1 mile before I had to turn around. I did my back exercises again and jumped in my car to head to the gym to ride an exercise bike for 45 minutes. I'm gonna try the biking again next week. Ditto on the running. Swimming is going just swimmingly, though.

3) Go out twice. Done! (Of course, one of the outings was at a blues bar in Hyannis which was pretty much like going out in Hyannis in March. ie: really really lame. Almost scary) The warm weather is creeping in, though. Which means these beach towns will start waking up.

4) Finish work presentation. done

5) Have a movie night with my buds. yeah, that didn't happen. Between my back injury and my buddy, Shell's unexpected foot surgery, sitting in movie theater seats for 2 hours just wasn't happening for either of us. It'll happen eventually, though.

6) Register for spring races. Holding off on that, too. I want to make sure I sign up for races I can handle. ANd at this point, I'm not sure what that'll be.

7) reduce soda intake. half credit. still working on it.

8) 6 servings fruit/ veggies a day. half credit again. I'm defintely eating more, though I don't always get the 6 servings every day.

9) resume and keep up with gratitude journal. fail. all journals went right out the window this month.

10) have a great trip to Vancouver. SUCCESS! Always glad to end on a high note.

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