Saturday, April 17, 2010

weekend wrap up

It's been too too long since I did a weekend wrap up. Mainly because I had that trip to Vancouver and then the pesky injury that had me sidelined for a while. But also because I was feeling very behind in projects and goals and didn't know where to begin. And lastly because all this sidetracking activity left me feeling lost. The weird thing is, I started this entire blog thingie to work through lost feelings of another sort. And all the beginning posts were geared around working through the lost feelings. But now I get a little lost and I have no idea what to post. WTF??


My original goals of 52 books in 52 weeks:
This week marks week 15 and I am in the midst of book #15, so just a bit behind. Quite behind in book review posts, but I promise for a bunch of those in the near future.
Books Read:
1) The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud
2) The Running Foot Doctor
3) A New Earth
4) The Last Season
5) The Power of Now
6) You Better Not Cry
7) Three Cups of Tea
8) Born on a Blue Day
9) The Essential Green You
10) From Me to We
11) The Wonder Spot
12) Pretty Birds
13) Body Surfing
14) Memoirs of a Geisha
15) halfway through The Audacity of Hope

Of Course, My 52 Project in 52 Weeks isn't quite as up to date. I've completed 12 of 15 projects but now have more inspiration to complete some projects
Projects Completed:
1) Hung Curtain
2) Organized Recipes in a Spiral Notebook
3) Organized Recycling
4) Uploaded CDs onto Computer
5) Put up Hatrack
6) Brought a bunch of CDs to the used CD store
7) Put up another hat rack and hung up all the hats
8) Organized File Cabinet and Paperwork
9) Replaced tools in Jeep Toolbox
10) Figured out what that noise was in the Jeep and fixed it (power steering fluid leak. I generally like to figure it out on my own before I bring the Jeep to get it fixed. Long story. Post for another day. But I do at least have a place to bring it that I trust now.)
11) Got taxes done and filed.
12) Defrosted and cleaned out the freezer

More creative and involved projects to come.

And most importantly: the back is getting better. Its still not 100%. But much better. In a weird way, I think I have a much better understanding of the injury process and the lower kinetic chain (for all you runner-type people out there) having gone through this. I was able to ride the road bike 15 miles today and then run 3. I was pretty sore this evening, though. But at least I know I can handle sprint distance triathlons ok. The goal of a half ironman in June just ain't gonna happen, though. Not when I felt so out of shape on the run today. And not with how unstable my knee is feeling. (With the back injury, I got some pain, numbness, and weakness in L3. Which over the past 4 weeks has lead to some serious VMO atrophy. It's crazy! You can see the assymmetry in my thighs and I was still pretty active the whole time. So now in addition to core strengthening, I'm doing VMO recruitment exercises.) But I'm not going to push the racing and risk another injury.

Oh, it sucks getting older when you can't just bounce back in a week to 10 days.

So, after that long winded explanation of what my life has been about for the past month, I'll leave you with the following promises:
More book reviews soon
More project reviews soon
A nice story about Jeep maintenence
An indepth explanation about the relationship between ankle pronation, SI joint dysfunction, L3 facet irritation, the "facilitated segment" and VMO function. ( I may have been heading down this road without that little punk falling on me in Vancouver. He may have just speeded up the process) Just those running geeks out there will be interested, I'm sure!

Happy weekend, all!


geekhiker said...

You really, really, really love lists don't you? (Not poking fun, I do too!)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

ohh i am a book reader and you've got some great one's on the list. I like your current review, it's not a book I would have thought to pick up