Friday, September 5, 2008

5 current addictions

I've never done one of these "tagged" things before, but I just got tagged by Mrs. D for a little game started by Being Brazen.

I'm supposed to name 5 things that I'm currently addicted to and then tag 2 more people.

Seriously...FIVE things I'm addicted to? FIVE? I've been trying to find more balance in my life! But if I can't find balance, I've been trying to NOT THINK. As innocent as this little game appears on the outside, it is in actuality a cruel way for life to thumb its nose at me and let me know that I have absolutely no control or will power. Hey, Thanks Mrs. D and Being Brazen!

Ok, anyway... I'm currently addicted to:

Diet Coke: Of course. Isn't everyone? I'm not fully convinced its only caffeine in there. Its probably heroin. I can't get thru the day without at least two 16 oz bottles. Sometimes more. I need to cut down.

Peanut M & M's:Again, I never claimed to be creative with my addictions. I've been doing so much partying this past month that I've been accousted with peanut M & M's wherever I turn. Yesterday a patient brought a bag of peanut M & M's to the staff as a special treat. I could not walk by the bowl without grabbing a couple. I'm actually eating some now. I need to stop.

Triathlons: Yeah, I know. This summer has been life changing. What I thought would just be one more thing to check off my life list has turned into an obsession. Where this year I was kind of "playing" at the training, I have made the decision to actually train next year. I'm planning my life around it. I feel like I have been swept away by a power greater than myself. As far as addictions go, I think its a good one. I don't need to stop. I'm going with it.

Blogs: Hey, you know, after work and working out, I just jump on the computer and check my email and surf around for a little while and, you know, just see what people are up to. And post something. And leave. But, you know, maybe just check one more. And maybe check to see if I got any comments. And, hey, maybe start another blog dedicated to an obsession or something. But, you know, I'm in complete control here. I don't need a lot of sleep.

Jason Mraz: Sometimes I need to mix it up a little. The good old standby's are so dependable: Van Halen, Jane's Addiction, the Chilli Peppers, and my boy Chris Clouse. (If you are not familiar with him, you should be. Check him out. He is one of the things I miss most about California).
Anyway, I chucked a new CD in the ipod for workouts, into the car for commuting, into the computer for listening while blogging. I have been rocking and grooving and beat boxing with ol' Mr. A-Z for a few weeks now. I can't get enough. I enjoy the fact that NONE of my friends like him. I'll chuck him in the file with Ozomotli and only listen by my lonesome. I'll grow out of this one eventually. Or maybe he'll become an old standby. Who Knows?

Now for the difficult part. Who to tag? Who to tag? I suppose I'll actually have to start leaving some comments on my regular visits rather than skulking around in the dark, so people will know who the heck Hebba is.

Tag...Tutu Girl and Reb


Anonymous said...

I wish triathalons were on MY addictions list. I could stand to do about 50 of them. lol. Definitely don't give that one up!

misspro312 said...

I love all those addictions. No peanut m&ms have a chance at our house either. You can not just eat one!!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

mmmm peanut butter MnM's! Did you know they are in the holiday colors now?!?!? SO excited about that!

Reb said...

Thanks for the tag, this looks like fun. It might take me a day or two to get it done though. Of course, my habits are all bad.