Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, Labor Day Weekend has come and gone and honestly, it may have been the best weekend of the summer. It's a toss-up with last weekend. Went to a party on Saturday nite, went bike riding all around Cape Cod on Sunday, and went to the beach today. Hung out with friends all weekend, saw my Dad, and watched a James Bond movie with nerd.
I would say "Good bye Summer", but I always think that September is better weather wise than June pretty much every year. So I unofficially extend summer in my own mind until October 15 or so.

August Goals:

1) Daily Meditation: I'm gonna give that a thumbs up. I think that when it comes to being silent and looking within, we all need to find our own way of doing things. Sometimes its sitting and being silent in the room (which I do), sometimes its being physical and letting your mind go silent (which I do even better), and sometimes its writing until all the chatter in your mind spills onto the paper and is silent (which I started doing again this month). We'll see where it goes from here.

2) Rock climbing: a bust. Didn't happen this month. Hopefully next month.

3) Outdoor concert: that didn't happen either. It rained alot this month.

4) Simple Abundance: It's less of a read through book, and more of a daily book of assignments for the year. Its been helpful in the whole meditation goal.

5) Bought the bike! Love it, love it, love it!!!!

6) Gave away 9 things and then some.

7) Bought the "going back to school outfit" with the gift card. Five out of seven ain't bad!!


I gathered all the past months goals into a folder and went through them this month. So in the spirit of back to school and all that jazz, I'm going to try to remedy all of the unfinished business for the year:

1) For 30 days I will exercise outside every day.

2) I will stick to an eating plan for 30 days.

3) I will pull out 4 crafts from my untouched craft box (one a week) and either complete it or get rid of it.

4) I will go to a museum.

5) I will go to an outdoor music event.

6) I will go rock climbing.

7) I will read "Downshifting"

8) I will get the finances in some sort of order

9) I'll tune and play the guitar at least 2 times per week.

10) I'll go hiking and camping at least once.

Quite a list. But cleaning up is always a big project, eh?

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Anonymous said...

You're much more ambitious than I. lol. I was worn out just reading your goals. September and October are my favorite months, the best weather and everything is just prettier! I love it.