Wednesday, September 24, 2008



For the past two weekends, I did nothing. This is not like me. Usually, I have my weekends packed full, from end to end. I clean, do laundry, run errands, grocery shop, go to the gym, train for/run in a race of some sort, visit friends, go to movies, listen to bands, go to the beach, babysit, and then send out a bulk email recapping it all. For the past two weekends, I had planned on doing the same. And for the past two weekends, my well laid plans fell by the wayside.

Don't get me wrong; I did SOME things. Two weekends ago, I went to a comedy club on Friday night. I had fun. A little too much fun, I think. Because when Saturday rolled around, I rolled out of bed .... and onto the sofa. I spent the day with Nerd eating take out and watching videos. I felt so lazy! I felt so useless! I felt so -- relaxed!! In a strange way, it was almost better than working out all day. But I really needed to do some catching up on Sunday. I made a to-do list and got mentally prepared to tackle it come morning. When Sunday rolled around, I rolled out of bed...and back onto the sofa. I spent the day with J and K eating pizza and watching tivo'd movies.

Last weekend, I went on a trip to Texas to visit with friends. We had big plans, to eat a big breakfast at a Mexican place, run bleachers for exercise, go to 6th Street in Austin, listen to live music, maybe go to a movie. On Saturday, we successfully went out for breakfast. Then, once home, the sofa's gravitational pull captured us. "No!" we said. "We are going to run bleachers!" But the pollen count was so high and the air quality so bad. We had such bad headaches. There was no way we could do bleachers. As a compromise, we decided to walk to Blockbuster and get some movies. We underestimated the distance, however, and once we got home with the movies, it was time to jump in the shower and get ready to go to Austin.

We made it to Austin, walked around 6th Street for a while and then, well, just kind of wandered on back to the car and back home. We could have gone crazy and had lots of fun, but we were already in "do nothing mode." When Sunday rolled around, you get the picture. Good thing we still had those Blockbuster movies to watch!

But next weekend is going to be different. I have lots of things planned. I swear.

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Mrs.D said...

I was beginning to wonder what the heck happened to you! lol. Sounds like you had a good time. Glad you have returned to the blogosphere! :-)