Monday, March 9, 2009

decluttering the bins

After last week with my oh-so-emotional jump into the dreaded storage area, I decided to sort of stay there this week by going through the rubbermaid containers down there. At the end of the week, it definitely looks more organized in there, and I didn't have to give up an entire Saturday to do so. Of course, there's much more work to do, but this is all about baby steps, right? And it's ridiculous how GREAT I feel now that I no longer have that monkey on my back

March 2: Went through the "winter basket" and put a hat into the donation bag. I also found a pullover wind-proof fleece I thought I had lost. Turns out, it just fell down behind the basket.

March 3: In the "bag bin" I pulled out a duffel bag. This will BECOME the new donation bag.

March 4: I went back to the bag bin because another bag in there had been on my mind all day. I pulled out a beach bag and put it aside. It'll become the next, next donation bag.

March 5: On top of the bag bin was another cardboard box that could go in the recycling bin. (why do I hang onto cardboard boxes?)

March 6: Laundry day! How it is that I have three long sleeved gray Tshirts? I mean, I like to do the layered Tshirt thing and gray is a nice neutral. But three? I gave away one of them to J. She didn't have any gray long sleeved T-shirts. Now she does.

March 7: Brought the whole donation bag down to the salvation army. Yay!

March 8: Took a couple coat hangers back to the dry cleaners today for recycling.

I didn't make it through ALL the boxes, just a couple. But things feel a lot neater and more in control. SO next week, I'm starting from the beginning again. Back in the kitchen.

Plus, I need to double up or something, as I will be away at a class this weekend.

Happy decluttering, everyone!


Lacey said...

Isn't decluttering great? I currently have FOUR huge garbage bags full of stuff to donate, and I've taken THREE garbage bags to the trash. And that's just from our bedroom! Seriously, I don't even know how this happens... there's no way we buy that much stuff in a year, but it takes me years to be able to "part" with stuff, ha. This week I'm tackling my own storage area (well, one of them)... cross your fingers for me! :-)

Carolina John said...

way to go, girl. stay on top of it.

Sandy Jenney said...

Sounds like you are doing great!!! Be sure to start taking "before" and "after" pictures!! Would love for you to share them on my "Work on it Wednesday".