Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Goals

It's March 1st. The end of my least favorite month (yeah, I'm unfair to February) and the beginning of -- well, it's not spring yet here, so I can say its the beginnin of wishful thinking.


February goals:

1) Get My Finances in Order: Well, I changed all my bills to online statements, started tracking everything on the Ace Money program, changed some things around for my 401k, tracked my spending for the month and evaluated my spending habits, and came up with a plan for the next 30 days. I'm gonna call that a success.

2) Read 3 Books Off the Bookshelf: First, I had to finish the books from last month. I finished "The Purpose Driven Life" and sent that off to a friend, and finished "Twilight" and sent that off to a different friend. She was sick for a week and sent her husband out to get the other 3 books in the series. She's sending them my way in March.
For the financial books, I actually completed FOUR books: Money and Mindfulness, Nice Girls Don't Get Rich, the Suze Orman 2009 Plan, and Yes, You CAN Get a Financial Life (ok, I have 2 chapters left in this one but I'll finish those today) They are responsible for the sucess with goal 1 and my plan for the rest of the year.

3) Get Rid of One Thing a Day: I hit a bit of a snag here last week, but I still managed to complete this goal.

4) Post an Entry Every Day in Feb: I was so sucessful in this goal until yesterday! What happened? I was at a birthday party and thought I would get home earlier. Instead, we got drunk and out of control. So I had to put off the goal post until today. But overall, pretty good for the first 2 months of 2009. I will NOT be repeating this goal in March. Blogging has been taking up too much time on a day to day basis. Plus, I'll be away a couple times in March. So...I'm thinking probably 4-5 times per week in March.

5) Lose 2# this Month: You know? I did that without trying in December in January. As soon as I posted it as a goal, I failed at it. Of course, I did hit a snag with lots of goals the last 1/2 of Feb. So for March, I'm focusing more on an eating plan than on weight loss.

6) Go to Bliss-Dom: Done and done. ANd lots of fun.

7) Tune up the Guitar and Play ONce a Week: When I wrote this last month, I thought I'd start playing once a week and suddenly I'd be playing every day. Not so much. I DID do once a week, but just once a month. I think I had spread myself too thin in Feb. So in March, I'm gonna continue with this, but cut back on some other areas to allow myself more time for this.

8) Have a Pajama Party: I actually went to a PJ party at BlissDom, as well as having our own PJ party. It was smaller than we anticipated (lots of illnesses going around this winter) but still lots of fun. I witnessed what I can only describe as a "kid tornando". I'm fully recovered.

9) Keep Going with the Artist's Way: I'm actually going to repeat week 9 and continue along.

10) Keep Going with the Triathlon Training: One small setback from a cold that wouldn't go away. But I'm chugging along. And as the USTri Assoc says: "It's March. The real training starts here"

March Goals:

1) Stick to an Eating Plan: I played around with this in January to find something that worked for me. And stopped in Feb. To give myself some structure, I'm pulling out the old weight watcher's points program books to track the consumption against the workouts. Let's see where I am in April.

2) Continue Getting Rid of One Thing a Day: I bit the bullet and plunged into the storage area. So it's getting a bit easier again.

3) Three More Books from the Bookshelf: This month, I'm focusing on Exercise and Fitness Books.

4) Crank Up the Tri Training!!

5) Complete the Artist's Way Program this month.

6) Continue One Time a Week with the Guitar. I'm clearing up some more time for myself.

7) Complete the Two Work Projects I've Been Dragging My Feet On. Don't need to get into specifics here. But you all know how it is.

8) Get My Taxes Finished and Filed.

9) Take the CHEK Wellness Coach Class. It's good to expand your work skills, especially in times like this

10) Complete 2 Projects from my "Project Box"



Carolina John said...

awesome! i too am ramping up the tri training. is this your first tri coming up? they are so much fun. I did one last year, and have my first of 2009 coming up in april. gotta ramp up quickly!

stick with the getting rid of one thing a day and the off the shelf reading. i too have 3x as many books on the shelf as i have actually read, and had to impose a moratorium on new book buying. recently.

designHER Momma said...

with a little hard work and determination, it all sounds very do-able. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

wow! This makes me really want to get my financial life in order. Everything seems so much more simplified and well-tracked now on your list that it's inspiring me to do the same. I love when you post progress!