Monday, March 16, 2009

decluttering round two and a surprise

So I have officially made a complete lap around the apartment and I find myself back at the kitchen. Decluttering....round two.

I was at a class at the end of the week in Orlando, so I doubled up on the "one thing a day" rule to make up for the days I'd be away.

March 9: I'm sort of ashamed to admit this, but on March 9, I took down my Christmas cards. See, my birthday and Christmas are in very close proximity. And I enjoy putting the cards up on the wall. Then I enjoy leaving them up for a while to make the place festive for a while later. I usually take the cards down on Valentines Day. This year, I waited until March. I put all the cards in the recycling bin.

Then, I threw away the left over candy canes. The melting them in hot chocolate is pretty over.

March 10: I went through the coupons I had in the coupon box and threw away the expired ones.

Then, I pulled out some plastic containers I had saved and put them in the recycling bin.

March 11: Pulled out a few more plastic forks to return to the "party utensil" box at work.

March 12: I had brought an extra book along the trip, one I had already read. I put it in the lending library at the hotel I was staying in.

March 15: Returned from the trip and did some laundry. It had to come at some time. I retired my favorite workout sweatshirt. I got a couple new warmup jackets for Xmas. I don't need to keep that old ratty but oh so comfortable friend anymore. It's time. Sigh.

In an interesting aside, I had no sooner turned my ratty t shirt into a rag whan I checked my email and found out I had WON these jeans from Blissfully Domestic!

I'll have a full report when I get them, but I guarantee they'll be more flattering than the sweatshirt I let go this week.

Continuing to get rid of the old and make room for the new!


Diane said...

Oh, you're brave. I have a VATech sweatshirt that I got in 1995. I only wear it as PJs now but I couldn't give it up if you paid me.

OK, well, maybe if you PAID me.

Carolina John said...

that's good stuff. I still have plenty of t-shirts from high school that i can't bring myself to let go.

Sandy Jenney said...

Love seeing the organizing going on!! Keep it up.
I keep getting a chat message coming up from you. I am going to decline, not b/c I want to be mean...but if I did all the chats, I would never get my work done. LOL