Monday, March 23, 2009

Plowing through round two

I'm BAAAACK! I was only in Boston for the weekend (at Nerd's) but I feel like I was a million miles away. Great class, lots to think about. And while I digest some nuggets from the aforementioned class, I'll go back to what I know best....decluttering and blogging.

March 16: I felt like I still had a few more things to tackle, so I blasted through the kitchen rapid fire. I chucked a bunch of ridiculous magnets on the fridge.

March 17: Why do I have 2 sets of measuring spoons? One set went into the pile for the second hand store. (they donate profits to a homeless shelter)

March 18: My miniature coffee maker (which I use to make tea) has some weird plastic adaptor that does...I dunno what. But for some reason I kept it, thinking I'd need it for some reason. Not anymore. Unfortunately, it's not of a recyclable plastic. So I threw it away.

March 19: On to the bathroom. And since I'd be away for a few days:
Again, why do I have cases of old contact under my sink? I chucked the contacts and all the cases except for three.
Plus, I got rid of some weird anti-cellulite cream I got in a moment of weakness. Strangely, it actually did kind of work... a little bit. But the spout thing is all clogged up now and it smells funny. I'm not sure I want that on my body. Goodbye!
And I had a giant bottle of leave in conditioner. I'm never going to be able to use it all before THAT starts smelling funny. SO I got three smaller spray bottles at the dollar store. I filled all three up and gave one to J, one to S, and kept one for myself.

SO that should take care of the 20th and 21st.

March 22: Back from the class. First thing I did when I came in was chucked a frequent shopper card I had for a little store I loved...that has gone out of business. Sad. Maybe I should have shopped there more frequently.

So round two at has gone through the kitchen and the bathroom. On to the office next week!!

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