Monday, March 2, 2009

the dreaded storage area

This week I finally bit the bullet and headed over to the storage area that I had been avoiding. It was kind of a weird experience. I got almost a viceral reaction to cleaning this place. Ever watch "Clean Sweep" and see crazy nutbag packrats crying over the thought of giving away a broken set of dishes? That was me. Only I wasn't crying. And it wasn't dishes.

I finally resolved my issues and got down to clearing and cleaning!

February 23: A hat and gloves into the donation bag.

February 24: A wallet I had gotten as a present and never used. I never will. But I know somebody who would like it. I put it in the "re-gifting box".

February 25:A fleece that I haven't worn in years into the donation bag.

Feb 26: A sweatshirt into the donation bag.

Feb 27: I have a giant oversized sweater that I used to wear with leggings and cuff boots. Seriously. I loved that sweater. I still kind of do, its really soft and warm. But its completely out of style. And huge. And purple. I sort of looked like Grimace when I wore it. It might fit a plus sized person like a normal sweater. Donation bag.

Feb 28: Laundry day! A towel in the donation bag.

March 1: A box into the recycling pile.

Next week, I'm hitting the rubbermade boxes.


Carolina John said...

ah, it's good to tackle some fears. makes you stronger, and less cluttered. good job! i'm still jealous.

we moved everything out of the mountain house 2 weekends ago now that it's rented so i have 2 of everything now in my house. gaa! way over cluttered. you've been on my mind lately. but as a good influence this time.

Heather, Queen of Shake Shake said...

I'm exhausted just reading yours. No way can I tackle my garage now.