Monday, January 4, 2010

From decluttering to projects

Though I was absent from Bloggie Land for the past week, I was continuing with the decluttering goal. And since I like to have everything all neat and tidy and tied up with a little red bow, here's the LAST of the decluttering posts from 2009:

December 22 thru December 31:

1 pair of socks and a sweatshirt to the clothing donation bag
2 books that were given to me that I just am not going to read to a bag to give to my sister in law (she is prego once again and will be on bedrest as she was with her previous 2 pregnancies. She needs lots of books to get her through)
One more book I had that I wanted to give to Slacker Boy. I read it on the plane and passed it on
Then, I read one more book and left it in the airport with a note that said "Free Book" nice surprise for a fellow traveler.
I planned the toiletries for the trip so that there was very little left of a tinted moiturizer with sunscreen and body lotion. Just tossed the rest rather than carry back on the plane
Cleaned up the miscellaneous papers on the desk and fridge and put the un-needed in the recycling pile
Lastly, the zipper on my carry on backpack broke on the trip. I guess I got a fair amount of use, since I've been using this thing since high school! It has become the next clothing donation bag.

And there we are: 365 things in 365 days.

As I come to an end, I've found that I can't stop. I've gotten rid of two things in the 2 days I've been home! So, it's become a habit and part of a lifestyle, just as I had hoped.

Frequently during 2009, I came across something that was less of a declutter and more of a project. Sometimes, I got around to the projects, but more often than not, they ended up in the project box, waiting for me to get around to it.

2010 is when I get around to it!

My simplifying goal for 2010 is to address all those projects that were unearthed in the decluttering. I'm aiming to complete 52 projects in 52 weeks.

Also, since I still feel like I'm drowning in books, I'm aiming to read 52 books in 52 weeks. (I reserve the right to keep the book when I'm done, though)

And also, just a a way to try to live with less impact, I'm aiming to aquire NO plastic bags from shopping (I still sometimes leave my reusable bags in the car, but this year I'll go back and get them before I reach check out) and use NO disposable plates at work (I bought a plate and bowl that I keep in my desk at work, but also sometimes forget to bring them to the cafeteria. 2010, I gotta turn around and go get them)

Lastly, in trying to recycle even more, I'm aiming to have no more than one bag of garbage per month. I'm sure I can do it.



The Singlutionary said...

I love how your decluttering turned into a habit and now things go right out the door with you! YAY for good habits and the new/old projects!

Diane said...

I love how you do this! I tend to de-clutter in starts and stops but I need to make it more of a habit. You inspire me, my friend, in lots of ways!

shellyrm said...

I love your declutter! I wish I would catch it!