Saturday, January 23, 2010

a good day

Today was a fantastic day. I had my longest training run today and the weather cooperated nicely. What a difference 14 degrees can make!

2 weeks ago, it was 22 degrees and I wanted to kill myself after my 18 miler. (or at least soak my head, neck, and shoulders in a giant vat of warm water and drink 10 cups of tea) Today was 36 degrees. Sunny. Just a touch of wind along the water. And I was loving life.

Three layers, gloves, a baseball hat, my ipod, and the entire afternoon to watch the sun reflecting off the water. Lots of people out walking dogs. Lots of young couples pushing bundled up strollers. And lots of couples walking hand in hand. Are people starting to pair off frantically, with Feb 14 a mere 3 weeks away?

Anyway, when I finished today's 20 miler (3 hours 23 minutes) I felt pretty good. Tired, of course. A bit stiff and sore, sure. A mystery pain right at L5/S1 on the right side, ok. But I didn't want to shoot myself in the head. (which is a good thing)

And...NO CHAFING! The complete absence of chafing kind of took some of the sting out of the $38.00 price tag for the new sports bra. (not to mention the post workout shower)

And tonight? I'm flopping on the sofa and watching movies.


Diane said...

You? Totally deserve the couch tonight!!!

Carolina John said...

Well done girl! that's a fast 20. and i've been fighting the chafing lately too, but i dont think a new sports bra will help me. more movies maybe?

geekhiker said...

"when I finished today's 20 miler"

I love how you make it sound so darn casual. ;)