Friday, January 8, 2010

weekend wrap up

Weekend Wrap Up:

Do you ever watch "The best week ever" on VH1? Where a bunch of comedians rehash what happened in pop culture over the past week and make jokes? I love that show. I don't watch it much, because I don't really know what time it's on. I don't really know what channel VH1 is on my cable, but every now and then if I have some time and I'm channel surfing, I'll catch it.

I was thinking that maybe I could hire myself some comedians to rehash what happened in Heather's life over the past week and make jokes. But then again, how many jokes can there be about: "went to work, worked out, showered, ate, went to bed. repeat."

SO instead, I decided I would just do a straightforward rehashing of progress on the goals for 2010.

2010 Week One, 51 weeks left ;

Project One: I put up the curtain rod and hung up the curtain over my kitchen window. There's been a draft coming in and the curtain and rod have been sitting there for I don't know how long, waiting to be put up. CHECK!

Book One: The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood (more on that later)

Bests: Best quote I saw this week: on bottle of Poland Spring --"Water -- the ultimate hydrator" I can't argue with that logic!

Best news of the week: I got the advanced position I applied for at work. Yay me!

And in other news...totally on track with water, cutting down diet coke, and recycling goals. Things got super hectic before Xmas and I found myself mindlessly just chugging down diet coke whenever I was thirsty. Now I've broken out my water bottles and I'm drinking nice, cold, clean water when I'm thirsty. I'm still doing a diet coke here and there...the first week back at work after a vacation is nearly impossible without a caffeine boost every now and then...but I have cut down significantly. Next week, cutting down even more!

I've been using my cute little plastic plate and bowl for lunch every day instead of getting a disposable plate. In addition from earning the nickname "Little Miss Green" at work, I've gotten a few others talking about bringing in their own plates, too.

I've been more conscious of what goes in the trash and what goes in recycling; can the plastic film from the top of a microwave dinner be recycled? Can my energy bar wrapper? And then...I gotta cook a crock pot of soup and make some homemade granola ...they don't have any wrappers!

So anyway...there ya have it! How are the rest of y'all doing?


Diane said...

Yay you! On everything (but especially the work promotion!). I love these posts and I was serious about how you've inspired me to set goals!

The Singlutionary said...

I need to do something about my diet but aside from that I'm on track. Oh yeah. And i need a job. Pronto.

shellyrm said...

As a wealth of great ideas to improve myself and the planet!

Congrats on all your good work!

RunToTheFinish said...

Seriously I love that show, haven't gotten to see it in awhile!

way to go on making small but sustainable changes!!

geekhiker said...

Can you bottle some of that ambitious energy and send it my way?