Sunday, February 28, 2010

photo tag

Yesterday, I got tagged by Cassie over at Cassagram. She's a gal who's not afreaid to put it all out there and take risks. I love reading her posts 'cause they make me want to come out of my hibernating state and take more risks myself!

Here's the delio: go to the first folder in "my pictures" and scroll to the 10th picture. Post it and the story behind it.

SO here goes:
This is a picture of Bay to Breakers in 2008.
Bay to Breakers is a 7 mile road race through San Francisco every May. And by "road race" I mean "Mobile Party". Yes, there are some people who actually run in this race, and quite fast, I might add. (Some Kenyan wins every year) But more people dress up in costumes, make giant floats with a theme, carry lots of drinks, and raise hell for 7 miles!
As you can (kind of) tell from the photo, its HUGE! There are wall to wall people all the way up the hill in the distance. All of them happy, most of them drunk.
This particular year, our theme was 80's music. We had an MTV float and we all came dressed up like and 80's pop star. The person min the foreground with the hat is Michael Jackson from the back. The dude in the pink shorts somehow got his decades mixed up and came as Kid Rock. I went as Pat Benetar. We had a Cyndi Lauper, a Madonna, Robert Palmer and the Robert Palmer girls, Guns and Roses, and David Lee Roth. Remember Nerd? He as Dee Schneider from Twisted Sister. It was so fun!
I missed Bay to Breakers last year. I was working at an adaptive bicycling clinic that year. But I hope to make it there this year.
Ok, so now to keep the fun going, I'm supposed to tag 5 people:
Diane: I'm trying to force you to post a little more 'cause I miss you!
Geek Hiker: 'cause I want to see some scenic pictures from your adventures
John from Smoke Training: because you inspire me when I want to be lazy
Lacey: 'cause you might need a little lift right now
Lacey from Don't Make Drugs: 'cause she makes me laugh!
Happy Sunday everyone....I'm off to go watch a hockey game with my dad!


Carolina John said...

crap. OK, that seems like a fun one. I'll give it a shot. thanks for the tag!

btw, i've always wanted to do bay to breakers just to see what kind of crazy shiz i could come up with for the costume. cool pic!

geekhiker said...

In a weird way, I'll actually be doing this one. The 10th picture in my folder of Olympic files will be going up in the post about the first couple of days! LOL