Thursday, June 3, 2010

10 things I learned this week

Another idea borrowed from Brazen --

Ten things I learned this week:

** I may like the Boston Red Sox, but I do not like boston lettuce. yuck.

**Organic food tastes WAY better than non-organic

**8 am to 8 pm is a really long work day...I gotta find a good snacking strategy to get me through the work day without being tempted by caffeine or junk food

**cutting out animal products results in way more trips to the john (TMI?)

**Life is really unfair sometimes. But life is still good.

**I love my new running shoes. Where have Mizunos been all my life?

**Drunk texting is hilarious

**Celebrities are dropping like flies!

** Glee may just be the funniest show ever

** I have the best co-workers.

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