Monday, June 7, 2010

weekly wrap up

Earlier, I had been doing the wrap up over the weekend, but I figured today made more sense, as I am exactly one week into June. (JUNE!! This year is flying!)

One thing I learned about the eating better goal....don't drink! Because once you get some alcohol on your system, you can rationalize eating anything you can stuff in your pie hole! But in general, I got a B- on this goal this week. (lost 1.4#)

Totally on board with the journaling and TAW, and totally on track with training. I'm also finding that when I'm not motivated, if I just do a short workout with higher intensity, I feel pretty good about it.

I started another book. Now I'm in the middle of 5 at once. Just the way I like it! And I whipped off two more old fashioned letters to friends.

June is looking pretty good.

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