Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Goals

As my last post clearly indicates, I have been pretty lackadaisical about goals throughout May. I don't know why I just couldn't get motivated to stick to it. But Memorial Day Weekend brought about a bit of a wake up call to me: get with the program or get left behind. (health wise, especially) So on June 1, I enter the month with a bit more resolve than in May.

May Goals:

1) Rehab the leg: SUCCESS! ok, this one I was committed to. (possibly because the thought of my grossly asymmetric quads in a bathing suit was downright scary) I am able to do 25 single leg squats on my right leg and yesterday I ran 7 miles without a problem. Yay!

2) Eat Clean: FAIL! I was really good the first week and a half, kind of good, then not so good, then horrible. I overall did lose 2# total (lost 2, gained 1, lost 1, gained 1, lost 1) Ridiculous! More stick it to em in June.

3) Spring Cleaning and summer clothes switch: SUCCESS! I always forget how time consuming that particular project is!

4) DVD classes done: FAIL! Didn't even start.

5) Journaling every day this month: Half credit. Which I guess is a fail.

6) Increasing referrals to clinic by 2 per month: not yet, but I'm hoping.

7) Four old fashioned letters sent in May: SUCCESS! I highly recommend a nice, handwritten letter (even though my handwriting is atrocious!) People LOVE getting stuff in the mail.

8) 2 group training rides: went on a number of bike rides, but no group rides.

9) Start guitar: twice.

And June Goals post tomorrow!

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