Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Goals

May wasn't a complete failure goal-wise. I did accomplish a few. As well as remembering some things about myself that I appeared to have forgotten in my goal writing quest: I like to have several things going on at once. Several books I'm reading at the same time, several projects I'm simultaneously working on, tons of windows open on the desk-top, many irons in the fire. I've been trying to do things in a linear fashion; one thing at a time. That doesn't exactly work for me.

So I started 4 books at the same time this week. :) And I'm going back to May to finish up the unfinished goals as well as starting new goals with the idea that they may run into July. And I've decided that this month, anyway, I'm not calling them goals. I'm calling them...

June's Opportunities:

Has a nice ring to it, eh? Not as much pressure as 'goal' and not as hokey as 'intention'

1) Eating.... Inspired by this guy and this chickie, I'm working on cutting animal products out for a while. This week has been a bit of a transition week (I got a couple eggs left, some yogurt, and some butternut squash soup that has butter and cream that I'm finishing off this week) So, we'll see where the veganism leads. (The whole stroke thing has me freaked out)

2) DVD Classes done

3) Starting the Artist Way Again: I did the Artist's Way last year and gained a lot from it in many areas of my life, not just creativity. So I'm giving it a go again.

4) Decaffeinate

5) One mile swim in pond, 50 mile bike ride, 15 mile run

6) PR in sprint tri

7) Journal every day this month

8) Go hiking

9) Girl's nite out with J and S

10) 4 more snail mail letters to friends: I get so many nice happy emails from friends who get an unexpected surprise in the mailbox. They smile, I smile. It's all good.

Welcome summer!

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Live More Now said...

Great list! I am so with you on decaffeinating, girls nights out, more journaling and handwritten notes. There is nothing better than a handwritten note!!