Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Review: Julie and Julia

On my plane ride to and from Denver, I read the book Julie and Julia by Julie Powell. I had seen the movie last year, and I must say, it's one of the very few instances that I liked the movie better than the book. (I guess it's in good company with "The Princess Bride" and "A Time to Kill") Amy Adams, who played Julie in the movie, is just so damned adorable, while the author of the book seemed a little less likable.

I'm familiar with the technique where authors exaggerate their unlikable qualities and downplay their good qualities. (Jen Lancaster is fantastic at this!) But Julie seemed to back away from this technique off and on. Like "I'm a bitch...but it's not my fault. Please like me." Unfortunately, flip flopping like that falls a bit flat. It's much more effective to just embrace the bad qualities and people will like you for your self mockery. (Just look at Donald Trump!)

That being said, I did not dislike the book; I rather enjoyed it. I thought it was perfect for a plane or a day at the beach. And it did have a few nice little inspirational ditties that made me smile: "...sometimes you get a glimpse into a life that you never thought of before. There are hidden trap doors all over the place, and suddenly you see one....and the world is so much bigger than you thought it was." (what did not make me smile: her descriptions of her less than Martha-Stewart-like housekeeping skills. I may not be

About the recipes: I know who Julia Child is, though I never really watched her show. And I know of her cookbook, but never perused the recipes. Now I know why. The recipes that Julie made make Paula Deen look like Alicia Silverstone by comparison. I felt my arteries hardening and my waistline expanding  the neatest person in the world, but I draw the line at maggots in the dish rack!)
just reading about them. But, overall, it did make me think about trying out some new recipes, maybe working my way through a recipe book of my own.

I'm thinking Clean Food by Terry Walters.

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Carolina John said...

yea Julia Child's recipes are quite tasty, but no french food is healthy by american standards.