Monday, April 16, 2012

Marathon Monday

Living in Massachusetts, Marathon Monday is always a big deal. Living in Massachusetts, temperatures in the 80's on April 16th are also a big deal. Temps in the 80's on Marathon Monday...a very big deal!

This year, I had a friend from Washington state running the marathon. I was originally planning on taking today off of work to hang out with his wife and watch him run. (I used to work with them when I lived in Washington and haven't seen them in 6 years) Unfortunately, this week also coincided with a conference I am attending at the end of the week and it really would have been too many days off. So I hung out with them over the weekend and checked his progress on the marathon website. (he finished and is doing well)

Lucky for me, though, a number of my afternoon patients decided to play hookie on this lovely day which meant I got to sneak out of work a little early and had a lovely walk on the beach in my bare feet as the sun set.

Life is good.

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Carolina John said...

You know there are plenty of valid reasons to make fun of people in the south. Getting cold when temps are in the 50's is not one of them, but plenty of northerners (not pointing a finger at you) do it all the time. But we can at least marathon when it's in the 80's. We hit 90* in NC yesterday. Too hot for me to enjoy the day for sure, but come on. The way people were complaining about the heat was just funny to me. I mean I ran a half on sunday in 82* heat and didn't hear a word about that.