Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Goals


It's been years since I thought of April Fools Day as a time to play practical jokes on somebody. And while I really don't plan on playing any jokes on anyone today, I do plan to embark on a month-long quest to have fun every day. Fun = joy = happiness. Therefore, April is the happy month!

It's been a while since I made and posted monthly goals. I had gotten to a point where the goals were just something - anything - to write down each month, not necessarily something I wanted for myself. Just another thing on the "to-do" list: write out monthly goals. But that's kind of beside the point, isn't it? A goal should be something that you actually want to achieve.

So I took a little hiatus from goals to figure out what I really wanted to achieve. And while I can say that I don't have a rock solid blue print, I do at least have a clue.

(Which, incidentally is the first item on my list of things a guy must possess to be datable: 1) Must have a clue)

So, if nothing else, the end of my cluelessness period makes me not only able to once again write goals, but makes me fit to date. Just not fit to cook.


1)  Do something fun every day
2) Work no more than 44 hours per week...(stay no longer than 11 1/2 hours in a single day)
3) Eat 6-8 servings of vegetables each day
4) Drink 8 glasses of water each day
5) Work out (to some degree) 30 or more min per day and 10 hours per week
6) I'm setting out to lose 5# this month. It's time!
7) Get plantings (flowers and veggies) set for transplanting in May (I'm finally in a place where I can have a container garden this summer. I'm happy about that)
8) Look into master diver certification  for this summer.
9) Do 1-2 group runs
10) Go to my high school reunion

April is looking to be quite a busy month....overall, my challenge is to not get bogged down in all the activities but to have fun with them!

Happy April, everyone!

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