Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life in balance

This April, I've taken the "fun" challenge...trying to incorporate something fun into every day. A nice break from getting bogged down in all the day to day responsibilities that get out of control. It's been, surprisingly, harder than I thought.

For the most part, I am a fun person. I'm an active person, I'm adventurous person, I'm an open minded person. But I'm also a dedicated, hard working person and sometimes I let that define me more so than the fun times. I've learned that oftentimes, I compartmentalize those two parts of myself. When I work, I work hard. WHen I play, I play hard. But, more often than not, I let myself become absorbed in work and don't leave time for the fun until I go on vacation or enter a race or something to that effect. I've been trying to balance that out more.

It's like that in all of life, isn't it? April Fools Day is balanced by Tax Day. Warmer weather and flowers are balance by cold wind and rain. Fantastic vacations are balance by long hours at work. But who's to say you can't be serious for a bit on April Fools Day or laugh on Tax day? Wear sunscreen and dance in the rain? Keep your head in the clouds your feet planted on the ground? Balance is hard.

But I'm trying.

So this month, while still working on the BIG projects for balance, I'm also:

Encouraging a stroke patient to sing "Rockin' Robin" and joining in
Putting a "Stud" license plate on the back of somebody's power wheelchair.
Riding with the windows down and my arm doing the plane thing down the highway (Which I then had to balance with lots of conditioner and comb time!)
Buying some seeds and starting to sprout flowers for my steps
Putting up some inspirational quotes on the closet door to make me smile when I get my clothes in the morning.
Going to my nephew's t-ball game...those are always fun to watch!
Buying a Life is Good  girl-in-a-jeep shirt
Going for a hike....oh, I love hiking!
Planning girl's nights with people at work

Life is hard. But life is fun. Both simultaneously

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