Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm Back

I'm back.

Five and a half months of living in the woods, hiking 15- 20 miles per day, dealing with extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme rain (seriously? Did it have to rain every. single. day. in June?), and the most extreme black flies and gnats I have ever encountered. I loved it.

And now, back where I had fantasized about being during the last 2 to 3 weeks of the hike, I'm missing the trail. Like crazy.

Who ever would have thought that moving back inside would be so hard?

And in between the logistics of finding work again, (deciding if the same kind of work is something I still want to do), visiting family and friends, deciding what to do with the stuff in the storage area, finding a place to live that isn't my parent's house, getting back to eating like a normal person (not a hiker) and recuperating from months of destroying my body, I find that I miss my little JeepGirl blog.

I mean, I did blog during the trail, but that's a completely different kind of blogging experience. And I'm still posting to that one, since cell phone coverage and internet service is so unreliable in rural Maine. Pure reporting on the hike, not as much room to be goofy and irreverent. But with really good pictures!

So while I put my life in order, I'm happy to take some time to catch up with my old bloggie friends, see what they've been up to, and maybe be a little goofy and irreverent!

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Carolina John said...

Wow, what fun! I'm going to have to read the entire hike blog now, so thanks for killing my productivity for the rest of the afternoon. And it's good to see you again!