Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Goals

Okay, so yesterday I made a big stink about how I was happy to be posting on JeepGirl again, because I could be ridiculous and funny and totally not serious. And I will be. I swear! Six months of hiking on the trail has made me a lot less uptight. Really!

But first....

I am a list girl, after all. And this blog has always been my special place to post my lists, my plans, my hopes, MY GOALS!!! I am so happy to have different goals than finding good water sources, pushing out miles, finding a spot in the shelter or a relatively flat place to pitch my tent, and keeping my feet dry.  (Which, by the way, is extremely important!)

I'm feeling more well rounded already. (figuratively and literally. My hiker appetite hasn't completely gone away yet)


 WORK:           1)  Secure per diem position(s) to start replenishing the depleted bank account.
 PLAY:             2)  Go on four local hikes (I miss it already)
                         3)  Complete the first 4 weeks of The Artist's Way book. (I had worked through this book I the past. It's about igniting your creativity, but it's more about rediscovering yourself. Both noble pursuits in my humble opinion!)
ADVENTURE: 4) Finish up my hiking blog posts and wrap up that project
                          5)  Get all trail photos loaded onto Snapfish for photo book and send to hiking buddies
FRIENDS:        6) Have a movie nite with J & S
EXERCISE:      7) Complete 3 month plan for transitioning back into running/ biking/ swimming
HEALTH:         8) 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge
FAMILY:           9) Sleepover with the little nieces and nephews/ take the older nieces out for day
SPIRIT:           10) 30 day meditation challenge

Oh, yes. The list is in place, and all is right with the world!

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