Monday, October 7, 2013

Outdoor workout

I've always liked going to the gym. Since I was in high school, I could be found lifting dumbells, squatting barbells, struggling up the pull up bar, sweating it out on the cardio machines. Oh, I liked exercising outdoors, as well, but only in nice weather. When it was rainy or cold, or windy, I'd retreat to the nice warm, dry, gym and sweat.

After spending 5 months outdoors, though, the thought of going into a gym is just depressing. I'll probably change my tune once winter sets in, but right now the weather has been beautiful and autumnish (right down summerish last week). Perfect weather for being outside and sweating. And if it rains? Why I'll get wet!

However, since I don't want to drag dumbells and kettle bells around with me, I've had to get a little more creative with strength training. Enter...bootcamp workouts! JeepGirl style.

This is one of my favorites:


10  minutes jogging
30 sec high knees
30 sec dynamic trunk twists
30 sec high kicks
30 sec dynamic arm circles
30 sec jumping jacks
30 sec calf stretches each leg
30 sec hip circles
30 sec lateral trunk stretch each side


(On a relatively flat grassy surface 30 to 50 feet long. Each exercise down and back. 10 jumping jacks between each exercise)

Walking lunges with knee lift
Side stepping squats
Backward lunges
Bear crawl
30 seconds "fast feet"
Crab walk

*Jog for 2 minutes*


Walking lunges with kick
Alternating walking squats on a diagonal
Backward lunges with back kick
Bear crawl
30 seconds up/down on step
Crab walk

Jjog for 2 minutes*


20 Lunges with front foot on 16" step
10 Squats with one foot on 16" step. Repeat other leg.
10 Lunges with back foot on 16" step. Repeat other leg.
20 Push ups with hands on step.
10 Jump ups to 16" step
20 Triceps dips on step.

*Jog for 2 minutes*


30 seconds each stretch:
IT band
calf stretch
calf stretch off step
seated trunk rotation
standing lateral trunk stretch
rear deltoid
pec stretch

Finish up with two minutes of deep breathing out in the fresh air.

What better way to spend a fall morning or afternoon?


Carolina John said...

That looks like some pretty aggressive leg work after the thru hike. Are your knees recovered yet? I thought it would take months to feel good on your feet again. You're pretty amazing girl.

hebba said...

My knees are sore after the workout, but they feel better within a couple hours. It was my FEET that really gave me a hard time on the trail. But the numbness is finally gone from my toes!