Friday, November 15, 2013


Before and After

The book that started it all and
The book I'm reading now

The number of days it takes to start thinking about the PCT

(exactly two months later, I started dreaming again)


Diane said...

Look how fabulous you are!!! I love Bill Bryson and that one was one of my favorites. I haven't read Wild yet.

Carolina John said...

bahaha, this is fantastic! You really dropped some lb's on the trail. Very interesting. But since you don't post very many pics of yourself on here at all, I'm grateful for anything.

I read A Walk in the Woods too, and loved it. Bryson is hilarious. And if you like him, you'll like AJ Jacobs as well, but his stuff won't make you want to hike the PCT.

hebba said...

AJ Jacobs? I'll have to check him out