Monday, November 11, 2013

November's Addictions

As the weather turns from the warm and sunny October days to the short, cool November days, I find myself addicted to :


My biggest fitness challenge (outside of NOT gaining back all the weight I lost hiking) is to increase flexibility. My flexility really took a hit this year. So I have made it a point to stretch after every workout. It's turning out to be my favorite part of the day. And my flexibility is very slowly improving.


 As the cold sets in each evening, so do the hungry horrors. How do I satisfy both? Why, tea, of course. I especially like the Yogi tea bedtime blend.  Drinking that nightly cup of tea is turning out to be the best part of the day.

American Horror Story 

I love this show. It is so ridiculously over the top. Sometimes I think the writers just try to see exactly how much they can get away with on TV. How creepy is that promotional picture? The show is even creepier, funnier, smarter, sexier, and more shocking. Love it? It is the best part of the week!


Journaling is an integral part of The Artist's Way. So every morning I'm journaling as I eat breakfast and drink tea (I have it in the morning, too). After months of journaling on a tablet, it's nice to hold a pen in hand and feel the paper under the words. My mind is also much more clear after I journal for a while. It's turning out to be the best part of the day!

My Mizunos

When I replaced my running shoes, I was horrified to learn that they had discontinued my favorite sneakers. So I tried out the "next closest model" to my favorites. I was very happy to learn that the Nirvanas are like nirvana for my feet! Lacing up these babies are turning out to be the best part of the day!


Carolina John said...

those addictions are pretty fun. I've been digging the yoga lately, and hitting the core work pretty good to get ready for running long again, and next years tri season. Rest and tea and calmness.

Diane said...

I'm stuck on Coven, too!! And tea. And journaling. I should be stuck on stretching and my running shoes... but I'm so not ;)