Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trendy Me

Ahhh, Wednesday. The day we all think of the ridiculous camel in the Geico commercial. And the day we all SHOULD be heading over to MamaKat's for the Weekly Writing Workshop. (It may find its way into the addictions)

This week, I chose:

Describe an Outfit You Love(d)

I should preface this by saying I am not a fashionista. Never have been. It just seems that money spent on trendy clothes could be better spent on other things. Like hiking and camping gear. Or running shoes. Or aerobars. Just sayin'.

But for all my lack of fashion sense, there was one small window in time where I was so ridiculously in style it was crazy. The early 90's had a bit of a fashion backlash known as grunge. I was sooo grungy! (I still am.) I didn't even have to try to be trendy. For the tiniest fraction of time, the trend arranged itself around me.

And my favorite outfit? Was grunge-tactular!

I had a fantastic pair of jean shorts. You know that one pair of jeans that makes your butt look like you just stepped from the pages of a fitness magazine? Well, I wore those jeans so much that the literally disintegrated. Did I throw them away? NO! I just made them into cutoff shorts. (The fact that they were acid-washed jeans may have sped up the disintegration process)

Cut off shorts then were much longer than they are now. If the pockets were sticking out of the bottom, that would been considered a mistake. These shorts came to about the halfway point between my hip and my knee. And while I just made that holier-than-thou statement about the length of the shorts, I now have to humbly state that they were full of holes. Even after cutting off the ripped out knees, the jeans had a plethora of areas where my skin was fully visible through the fabric. Did I throw the shorts away? NO! I just wore bicycle shorts under them.

Again, this is a clear example of how 90's fashion trends molded themselves around me and my clear lack of style. While I still have no problem thinking of workout clothes as real clothes, back then, people actually wore bicycle shorts when they had no intention of ever straddling a bike. A pair of bicycle shorts and an oversized t-shirt could get you into any bar or nightclub anywhere.

But a pair of bicycle shorts under a pair of holy, acid washed cut offs? Well that was another thing altogether. I was a grunge queen! Plus, the bicycle shorts had a crazy, red and green and light blue pattern on them that kid of looked like flowers, but also kind of looked like paisley. It was a nothing short of a visual feast poking through those acid washed holes!

Over this I-need-two-pairs-of-shorts-to-cover-myself-but-my-ass-looks-great ensemble I wore a short, boxy T-shirt. It wasn't a half shirt, but if I raised my arms over my head, there was a definite inch or two of abdomen showing. The shirt was faded beyond belief, and had a big ol' flower on it that just so happened to be the same colors as the crazy bike shorts that could be seen through the holes in the acid washed denim! (Though I'm not fashion forward, I always did have an artistic flair and could not only color inside or outside the lines, but could match colors like a pro!) Hence the flower T-shirt.

Oh, but it didn't end there! I topped it all off with a floppy hat that had a flower on it. You know, to tie it in with the faded flower shirt.

On my feet? Either Chuck Taylors or wrestling sneakers and slouchy socks. Slouchy socks were rad!

This fantastic outfit could be worn with ease with a hoody, a leather jacket or a flannel shirt. The possibilities were endless! And I? I was just about the coolest chick around in my two pairs of shorts and boxy tee and slouchy socks and floppy hat.

Oh, I wish I had taken pictures! Or maybe I don't. Because I remember the outfit looking something like this:

Only more pastel-y.

Or this: 

Only in shorts.

 But in reality, I probably looked more like this: 

TODAY'S THANKFUL: I am thankful for the awesome gym I joined. It's great!


Miriam Gomberg said...

It doesn't get better than acid wash denim shorts. You were runway ready for sure. Woot!

Carolina John said...

nobody wants to look like Beiber. Sometimes it just happens.

Mama Kat said...

Oh my gosh, I did NOT expect Justin Bieber at the end. Hahaha! So perfect. I think the grunge phase was the best we've had so far. Baggy much more comfortable could we get? I loved it too!