Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Reasons Massachusetts Rocks

What a Wednesday! Weather was great, got a great workout in, and went to see my best bud, J's new ride -- a Jeep Patriot. Now we are both Jeep Girls! (I think we should get matching T-Shirts or something)

Wednesday also means that its time for the Weekly Writing Workshop, compliments of MamaKat
This week I chose: List the 8 Best Reasons for Living in Your State:

1) The Beaches: Like any coastal state, Massachusetts sees its beaches flooded with people each summer-- swimming, tanning, building sand castles and the like. But honestly, I enjoy going to the beach year round. Sometimes the wind can be piercing, but its still worth it. Just hearing the waves crashing on the sand is soothing to the soul. I feel like the beach is a truly sacred place and I'm so happy to live in a state that has beaches.

2) Ponds and Lakes: As much as I love the ocean, I realize that there are those that do not like the feel of salt water on their skin. Or can't deal with the seaweed. Or, God forbid, have horrible skin reactions to the sand and salt water! (Ooof! Can you imagine?) Well, fortunately, those people also can get their swimming and water fun in, too. There are an abundance of lakes and ponds in Massachusetts, too. Clean, deep, swimmable ponds! After hiking through the mid-Atlantic states this summer and coming across "lakes" that were 6 inches deep with a scrim of algae and a cloud of mosquitoes, I came to appreciate the beauty of a good pond! 

3) The Seasons: When I lived on the west coast, I enjoyed the outdoor activities and laid back atmosphere, but I missed the seasons. You were never sure if it was spring or fall or winter, as the weather was pretty much the same. Here in Massachusetts, there are four very distinct seasons. Summer is hot and humid, fall is clear and crisp. Winter is cold and snowy and quite frankly way too long. Spring is rainy, gradually warming, and full of emerging bloom. Each season has its own wonderful distinct flavor, and I'm glad to savor them all.

4) A Great Athletic Community: Between the Boston Athletic Club and the Cape Cod Athletic Club, I'm never at a loss for races or training groups throughout the season. Plus, there's the local running club, the biking groups, and the new fitness park in town. Massachusetts is definitely a runner's state! Though I'll never qualify for the Boston Marathon (I'm way too slow) I love being in the state with that iconic event. (Here's hoping and praying for a safe one next year)

5) The Mountains: Ok - there's the beaches and the lakes. But sometimes, you just want to climb a big hill. The mountains here are definitely not as big or steep or rocky as in New Hampshire. But they are definitely friendlier. Massachusetts was where everyone on the AT fell back in love with the trail. And for good reason. There are some great climbs to be had here!

6) Seafood: Oh, yeah. Lobster, clams, crabs, steamers, mussels, cod, scrod, tuna, shrimp! And remember -- the best chowder is WHITE! 

7) Boston: As much I am an outdoor girl, I still enjoy a bit of culture every now and then. A trip to the ballet, or to see a show. An art museum, a good restaurant, and a bit of history. Can find it all in Boston! (Even if the North Church does NOT have that amazing underground chamber that was in National Treasure)

8) The Sports Teams: It's been a good year for the Boston sports teams! It wasn't always that way. There was a time in my memory when being a Boston sports fan meant dealing with disappointment every season. But now -- this year we had the Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals, the Celtics to the first round of the playoffs, and the Red Sox won the World Series! And c'mon... the Patriots are just a force now. Now, being a sports fan in Massachusetts means seeing your team in the playoffs. Oh how times have changed! 


Carolina John said...

That's wild! I could say the exact same things about NC. Beaches, mountains, lakes, sports teams (panthers, NHL hurricanes), and our seasons are mostly summer with no snow in the winter. That lets us race all year round, i mean unless you decide to do the myrtle beach marathon in which case it will get snowed out. And we have different seafood here, but it's still amazing. The atlantic shrimp, oysters, and fish are pretty outstanding.

Kat said...

Massachusetts sounds like a great state. I totally agree with you about the seasons; not sure I'd want to be without them. We don't have any ocean views here but an abundance of lakes, rivers and forests that are beautiful. A friend of mine went to Boston last year and absolutely loved it; it has so much history.

Mama Kat said...

You've convinced me! Now to book that ticket. ;)

Diane said...

OK, I don't care about the sports teams but beyond that, I think I'm living in the wrong state.