Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Goals

It's a beautiful, gorgeous day for the Red Sox Parade and for all the runners in New York to have a nice   get used to the city jog to prepare for tomorrow. As for me? I'm goal setting!

November Goals:

1) Get ATP certification for work completed and sent in.
2) Four fun outdoor activities -- hike, long bike, check out the new local fitness park, fun run
3) Next four weeks of The Artist's Way
4) Knock one more state off of the High Point List 
5) Begin making some home made Xmas presents (some take a while to complete)
6) Exercise all 30 days in November
7) Clean eating 25 of 30 days
8) Journaling 30 of 30 days in Noevember
9) Girl's night with J and K
10) Make a unique (and yummy) dish for Thanksgiving!

Today's Thankful:  SO Thankful and happy to have seen the Sox win 3 world series! 

What a good day!!

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