Sunday, March 9, 2008

March is rolling right along and I seem to be rolling with it. It'll be nice to have a bit more sun in the evening after work, but I suspect getting up tomorrow morning will be a bear.
As for my March assignments, the no purchase thing is surprisingly more difficult than I had expected. Not because I need to buy little things here and there, but because I am perpetually hungry. Bringing lunch in takes a bit of planning, because I am not only bringing in lunch, but lots of snacks to keep the hunger at bay, as well as needing to pack a dinner if I am busy after work. Which I didn't on Monday, though I had a hair appointment and wasn't going to get home until after 8:30pm. So I ended up buying dinner Monday. And lunch Thursday when I left my packed lunch behind. Hmmm.
I haven't gotten out to get my book yet, either. Mainly because I was hung over on Saturday and couldn't make it to the library before the health expo. Next weekend for sure.
The new workout regieme is good. I put off the swimming part until I felt I was fully over the cold I had the week before last, so I should be good to start swimming this week. Its a good thing, too. I was so sore last week, I don't think I could have swum, too.
Still deciding upon the museum thing. May do that at the end of March, when I am taking a class and crashing on M's sofa at night. I don't know what time he gets home from work and classes, so I may have many hours to kill between the end of my class and his get home time.
I have a Fung Shui book, I haven't opened it yet.
Working away on the finances. I cancelled 2 credit cards, balanced the checkbook, and got myself off of catalog mailing lists and credit pre-screening list. Much more to do, though.
So, I am off to a good start with only a few stumbles. March goes out like a lamb, I am told. Maybe my whole life will be as tranquil, as well.

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Scott McLean said...

Hi there, I wish you the best. Today, I seem to be having problems getting comment section to open. Well, take care.