Monday, March 17, 2008

So here I am in March, what was supposed to be my wonderful, shining, "here comes spring" month, only to remember: I live in New England. It isn't spring yet. Damn. Two weekends of torrential rain had me wanting to hide my head in the sand and sleep until May. But that is just not possible. So onward I press.
1) Not buying anything....well, not buying ANYTHING is a bit much. First week, was the food thing. This week, I realized I had 2 birthday parties for little ones who would not understand a rain check. And, of course, Easter. So, birthday and Easter presents aside, its ok. One unexpected side effect: once I figured out the whole lunch/snack thing, I 'm actually starting to lose weight again.
2) Joined the pool last week for the new workout. I have to admit, I've been a bit depressed by the weather so my workouts, as a result, have been a bit lackluster. Many days I'm just going through the motions. But at least I'm there.
3) Got the Dorothy Parker book. Well, A Dorothy Parker book. It is fantastic. I guess I had somewhere in the back of my mind thought she was like Susan B Anthony. More like Gertrude Stein or a female Hemmingway. And even more yummy: many of her quotes are painted on the walls of my favorite haunt, the BBC. She's one balsy babe, and at the moment, my idol.
4)This weekend, I totally feng shuied my place. Lots of interesting finds. No wonder my life had been so screwed up.
5) Plugging away on the financial thing, though that is losing steam, a bit, too. Will crank it up a notch this week.
6)Museum....back burner.

As a little addendum: the whole no TV thing from last month has stuck around a little and I am watching less of it than I had before. I no longer need it for "background noise". And, on Saturday, somebody told me that my being 38 was "kinda hot". Not sure where to put that comment. I do not want to be Stiffler's mom.

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