Saturday, March 1, 2008


So March came blowing into my life with a lot of rain and a lot of cold. I had been seeing signs all around town for the past few weeks talking about the "Polar Plunge"; one of those events where crazy nutjobs go running into the ocean in freezing temperatures, risking hypothermia for some kind of warped pride and for charity. I had been thinking that maybe this year I would be one of those crazy nutjobs. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) I came down with a cold that got the better of me yesterday and I figured it would not be prudent to go running into the ocean in the rain and the wind and the cold when I was sick.

Three advils, a sudafed and a throat lozenge were enough to ease me out of bed. I would have been quite happy to stay in my pajamas all day and purge magazines and whatnot. I had some pressing business to attend to, though, and I had to splash around town to complete it. I had to deal with some of the dumbest people on the face of the earth and I can report with relative confidence that they all work at Foot Locker. (again, more on THAT later)

I managed to squeeze myself into a somewhat presentable state for my friend, Brian's birthday dinner before attempting to watch "A Room With a View" with friends. What the hell is up with that movie? I have seen Helena Bonham Carter in other, Burtonesque films and quite frankly I expected a lot more from her than that pile of drivel. The same goes for the rest of those Brits who have all appeared in at least one of the Harry Potter films. Period pieces tend to be a bit slow, I understand, but they should at least have the semblance of a PLOT. I don't find the droll observations on the Edwardian manners, or lack thereof , entertaining enough to continue to watch a movie unless there is some kind of action to move it along. "You have to throw in some twists and stuff" to quote Haley Joel Osmond from the Sixth Sense (which, by the way, had some great twists!!) I mean, if I wanted to ponder boring, I would contemplate my own life.

Which I will do now:

1) 30 days of no TV. Were about 25 days of no TV and 5 days of cheating, more or less. Somewhat easier because of the writer's strike. Somewhat harder becasue of the month of February in New England. But overall, a good experiment with a good lesson learned.

2)Drowning Ruth. Done and done. See Feb 28th.

3) Haircut...appointment made for next Monday

4)Outings...saw a band twice and saw a movie. Fun by both counts, but the social life still very sporatic and forced. Why am I so lame?

5) Marathon completed!!! My biggest accomplishment of the year thus far. Sometimes I rock!

6) No big party in Feb. Must make up for that in March.

7) No crazy Vday. No crazy leap day. I was wearing my friend, J's 2 year old son's viking hat around all afternoon and evening today. Maybe I'll start wearing that out, just to see what'll happen.

8) Lots of leftover soup in the freezer and lots of new recipes for March.

The one thing I can say is, I made it through February, my least favorite month, with a minimum of tears and tantrums and only one sick day from work. Plus, I ran a marathon. I am certainly not the ball of badness and vinegar that I can be in, say, July, but it wasn't half bad. I may even call February a success. But then I may have to start thinking like an optomist again.

March, oh, March. Lets come on like a Lion!!!

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