Monday, January 2, 2012

January Goals

Yeah, I had that great epiphany and wrote that eloquent (maybe) post on why I've been held prisoner to my goals. But that doesn't mean I'm letting myself off the hook! I'm still a goal girl at heart and it's 2 past New Year's....OF COURSE I'm setting goals! I'm just trying to be a little more mindful in the process!

But first....

December Goal Recap:

1) Continue with marathon training and weight training 3x/week:
half credit. I got the long runs in, I got some other runs in, but my milage certainly wasn't where it should have been coming up to a marathon.'s a fun run, not a qualifying run. I'm gonna see Mickey and the gang! And I can definitely run 26.2 miles. So, its all good. (That was a bit of an eye opener for me, too... that I have gotten to the point where I can say with confindence that I can finish a marathon, no problem. I think I should start thinking of myself as a "runner" now)

2) Eat Clean-er
Half credit again. I've been trying to get better food choices in the house, but also occassionally giving in to the treats. Starting in on the food journal next month!

3) Get rid of 5 books, two reference.
Got rid of 4. And actually gave myself permission to not finish one of them. (referencey type book that I've gotten halfway through several times but kept because I felt like the info was "important". I still think the info could be good, but the writing in this particular book was a real snooze fest. I can get a different book on the same subject if I want. That one is OUTTA HERE!)

4) DO the kinesiotape certification.
Nope. DIdn't do it. That's two months in a row. I need to either finish this in January or accept that it's not all that important to me.

5) Get rid of 5 DVDs.
Didn't do that, either.

6) INcrease water intake to 8 glasses per day.
I increased water intake, but 8 glasses keeps me in the bathroom all day. I think I need to focus on cutting down the caffeine!

7) Finish and turn in advanced clinician paperwork

8) Decorate the apartment all happy-like!
Yay! Success.

9) Treat holiday activities as treats, not obligations
this actually worked out well. I need to start treating everything as a treat, not an obligation

10) Wrap everything green
totally done. Not one new tag, bag, piece of wrapping paper. ANd everyone got their gifts all pretty-like, anyway!

January Goals:

I've been inundated with a bunch of invitations to participate in New Year's Challenges that sound pretty fun. AND make the goal writing portion of my life seem more like a game!

1) Keep a food journal for 30 days!
Thanks to this chippy right here, I'm going to focus on eating a little more mindfully and exploring WHY I always seem to be falling off the clean eating wagon. (after one day, I'm a bit more knowledgable, already)

2) Run outside at least one mile every day in January
This challenge is courtesy of a local running store that does group runs and such. I often feel a bit left out because my crazy work schedule doesn't allow me to participate in al0t of the runs. But this I can do. And I feel like I'm part of the running group, nontheless.

3) Exercise for 100 days straight:
This one from a facebook friend who just finished his 100 days and sent the challenge out to everyone else.

4) Have a fun time in Disney and make it the funest marathon ever!

5) Ok...really. Take the kinesiotape cert exam in January

6) Get all my finances organized in one place on the computer.
Most of my financial stuff is online now, but it's scattered in folders all over my email inbox and my desktop. Trying to figure out if I want to go Quicken or Mint. com. Anyone have thoughts?

7) Spend just 5 minutes a day of "quiet time".
See where it goes from there

8) Get my apartment all set up in order
Had somebody else living here for a while and now it's just me.

9) Figure out what I want to do about my crazy work schedule and talk to my superviser to make it happen.

10) Be present. I'm off to go run!

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Carolina John said...

All good goals! Food logging ends up being too time-consuming once you get teh patterns down. Have fun in Disney!