Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday's Bad Dates: computer dating 3

So a couple weeks ago, I started talking about computer dating and then left everyone hanging giving only the story of my co-worker's bad computer dating experience. My bad! (In my defense, I had no reliable wi-fi last week)

So, in all fairness, I must rely my story.

Like my friend, I posted what I thought was a funny, enticing, and totally truthful profile. Finally agreed upon a meet up with a seemingly nice guy. And we met for dinner at a pub. (I wore my pink chuck taylors because, really, is there any more appropriate first date attire than that? Plus, I can say "I'll be the one in pink sneakers!")

Let me digress here for a moment....up until now, I have always dated a certain KIND of person. You know, people like me. I have long string of folks from helping professions (health care workers, teachers, the social worker guy) as well as a disturbingly large number of nerds, geeks, and dorks (scientists, computer programmers, the endocrinology guy). Which sort of makes me sound like a dorky push over. Whatever. That's neither here nor there. The point is, given my success rate, it seems to reason that perhaps I should try dating people who are NOT like me. A different KIND of person.

Enter computer date guy. (Let's call him Rob)

Rob is a different kind of guy than I usually go for. He's not nerdy or a counselor or anything like that. He is a sort of...enterprenneur, if you will. He owns, like, 4 businesses. Not huge corporations or anything. Just little businesses. A landscaping company. A driveway sealing company. A drywalling company. A pool cleaning company. Plus he owns, like, 6 apartments that her rents out. So he kind of spends his time flipping from one thing to another, keeping tabs on the people that he has hired to do the day to day things for said businesses. (My head would explode if I did that) But maybe it would be good for me to hang with somebody who can do things that make my head explode.

Maybe that's the secret to a good relationship. Maybe you need to find somebody whose strengths are different that yours. Maybe then the two of you make an invincible team! Maybe, in addition to being absolutely kick ass in trivial pursuit, you are better equipt to face all of life's ups and downs, ins and outs, unexpected events and goals. Maybe Rob and I are going to end up being one of those super couples! You know, the ones that seem to have it all (because we are not alike together we DO have it all!), the couples that make you want to BE them. Oh, wow. This is going to be fantastic.

And then...

Then, while talking about pricing out a job for one of his businesses, he says "I quoted him a price double my usual rate because I could tell he had money." Um, what? Maybe I heard him incorrectly.

No such luck.

Because later on, he said: "I just make up prices sometimes." and "It's fun to screw people over." What, what? Did he seriously just say that? Yeah, he did.

While I totally do not agree with pretending to be somebody you're not or putting on some kind of song and dance to impress someone (Plus, if I was trying to impress someone, I would definitely not be singing. Or dancing.) on the flip side, don't you at least want to show your best side on a blind date? Rob essentiall just told me "Hi, I'm Rob. I lie, I cheat, and I steal. It's fun. Spinach dip?"

Looks like I won't be winning any trivial pursuit tournaments in the near future.

Rob called again to go out. I had to decline. He's just not my kind of guy.

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David said...

Wow! I loved this post! I have never been on a date myself mainly because i'm afraid something like this might happen to me. But if i did i would have something to blog about! I like your Bad Date stories and I really wanna say keep em coming! But by saying this im pretty much hoping you continue to have bad dates. So i wont say it. lol