Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday's Bad Dates...computer date 1

I'm back, it's Tuesday and hence.....the return of:


So a couple weeks ago, I left the cliffhanger-- computer dating with a co-worker and myself.

Here is her story--

She did the whole computer dating set up thing: created a profile that was funny and clever and smart, added a bunch of super flattering pictures, posted it, and sorted through a bunch of responses. She finally decided upon a nice guy who was around the same age, a computer programmer, and liked to fish and go sailing...something she had in common. They emailed and talked and set up a time to meet.

Oh, I should mention that this nice guy took care of his mother until she died 5 years prior, of lung cancer.

Because apparently he mentioned that at their dinner. Repeatedly. Again and again and again. Did I say repeatedly? I'll say it again. Repeatedly.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think it was a wonderful thing that he did, taking care of his mother. And it would be a very traumatic thing to try to get over. So, he certainly has a right to sort of stuck on this episode in his life.

But, on a first date? Really? He couldn't have come up with any other conversation topics? Maybe written them down on flash cards he kept in his pocket? Maybe those nice hobbies of fishing and sailing? No?

My friend listened politely and asked questions and sympathized with Mr. Nice-Guy-on-Paper all the way until dessert. When he took out a stack of pictures of his mother to share with her.

I'm thinking that maybe he needs to talk to a counselor or something before going on any more dates.

(Let's all take a moment of silence and wish him luck)


David said...

I could not stop laughing! This post was funny. I hear dating is fun, but I've never tried it myself. I always thought of dating as a way to see is two people can really make something beautiful out of an awkward situation. If they can then it's on to date number two. If not well, let's just say it's a big no no. Thanks for visiting my blog again! And I'm sorry for the awkward reply made to your comment lol.

Carolina John said...

holy cow. Yea I think some therapy is in order. At least the coworker wasn't a smoker.