Sunday, December 20, 2009

Booty Buster Challenge Update

This week, I was back on track. No overdoing it in the weight department. Just following the training plan. And other than a pretty miserable long run in really cold weather, things went well.

December 14: 4 mile run on treadmill at 8:47 pace and 30 min of weight training 5 points

December 15: 7 mile interval run at 8:18 average pace. Got the veggie servings! 8 points

December 16: 75 minutes of yoga and veggies. 3 points

December 17: Bike 15 miles 5 points

December 18: Long run 15 miles at 10 min pace 15 points

December 19: 1 hour group exercise class and veggies: 3 points

December 20: Does running up and down a hill dragging kids on sleds count? I'm giving myself 2 points for that!

TOTAL: 41 points!


shellyrm said...

Yeah for HBBC points! You have been a busy bee!

Carolina John said...

nice total! a 15 mile long run sure helps. i've got to hit 16 miles over the christmas weekend.

Anonymous said...

Your December 18 was much healthier than mine. You ran 15 miles, I got completely toasted after a long, horrid day at work. Heh. :)