Monday, December 21, 2009

December decluttering

I'm looking forward to longer days and more sunshine, albeit cold and snowy days.
I've been lax on updates on the decluttering, but I assure you, the decluttering continues. It's been a good year, getting rid on one thing a day (or more). It seemed to be a better fit for me than just going through a giant clean sweep once or twice over the year. Now it feels like a habit; I find myself looking at things differently and letting go more easily. I've also reassessed my buying habits and I'm not buying things unless I really need them.
Plus, I've come up with some different projects for the course of 2010. (more on that later)
Week of Dec 1 thru 7:
I got rid of 4 books: 2 meant something to me during a different time in my life but no longer seemed necessary. 2 were books I had started and haven't finished a few times. This week, I thought: "why do I have to finish them? I don't even like them!" Into the donation bag they went. I also put a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, and a pair of socks into a clothing donation bag.
Week of Dec 8 thru 14:
Getting Xmas gifts together to wrap, I pulled out the rubbermade container of things set aside for re-gifting! Four gifts pulled out and re-gifted! Plus, I was able to wrap all my gifts this year without buying wrapping paper, tissue paper, or ribbon. I pulled out the gift bags, leftover wrapping paper, tissue paper, and ribbon from last year and reused it all this year. I went through all the papers on my desk and pulled the papers I didn't need anymore to the recycling pile. Finally, the quickest turnaround of all: I got a gift card in a birthday card from a friend. Though I really liked it, there is somebody in work who really really needs a gift card like the one I just got. So I passed it on.
Week of Dec 15 thru 21:
I got a new jacket as a present. So I got rid on an older jacket. And while I was at it, a fleece, a pair of jeans, a hat, some gloves, and 2 pairs of socks. Into the clothing donation bag. I know somebody out there needs these more than I do.

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shellyrm said...

What a great blog. You have a great habit!

I tend to let things accumulate until I have a giant pile to take. I should make it a habit to donate the unnecessary things in my life more often. (Then it would seem like such a task!) Maybe a personal goal for 2010?!?