Monday, December 7, 2009

booty buster challenge


Well, after a great week one, week two was a little disappointing. But, December has a way of creeping in and stealing time away. Plus, my weekend class was much longer than expected (if I were smart, I would have read the syllabus before actually getting to the class and discovering it was an 11 hour day on Saturday).

And most importantly, sometimes staying on the phone with a friend while she cries for two hours is more important than working out.

Monday November 30: Ran slow 3 miles (10 minute pace). Lifted weights (chest and back).
(4 points)

Tuesday December 1: 6 miles interval running (8:39 average pace). Lifted weights (shoulders and arms) (7 points)

Wednesday December 2: Went to a birthday party. Only had time for a push-up ladder and planks (1 point)

Thursday December 3: phone crisis! (0 points)

Friday December 4: Long run--13 miles-- along canal (9:42 pace) (13 points)

Saturday December 5: 11 hour class! (0 points)

Sunday December 6: Class again (0 points)

WEEKLY TOTAL: 25 points. (a lot less than 47 last week, but what can you do?)

Next week should be better!


shellyrm said...

You are doing great! No worries. Just keep it up. It's good for you.

Carolina John said...

i'm still blown away by the 11 hour class.