Friday, December 25, 2009


I'm off to San Francisco tomorrow for a trip with my bestest buddies.

But I'll leave you with a promise of new and different bloggie things in 2010 and one more list!!


1) Steak Tar tare is raw!! Did you know that? Cause I didn't! I thought I was ordering some kind of sesame marinated steak tips. You can imagine my surprise when the plate arrived at the table. I was good, though. Go figure.

2) Good things come to those who wait. After two and a half years of interrupted sleep, the rooster is gone! (Some kind of feud between the adjacent neighbors that involved a call to the board of health. I stayed out of it. I just liked the outcome)

3) It's possible to get seasonal affective disorder in the summer. With the cold, rainy temperatures that plagued New England this year, I was schlepping around in a hooded sweatshirt and an aire of depression all summer. I didn't cheer up until almost September, when the sun came out. Oh well. Next year.

4) The Dalai Lama is funny. When J and I went to see him last May, I don't know what I was expecting; maybe for him to come floating out on a cloud of wisdom and enlightenment. I certainly did not expect him to put a Patriot's cap on his head and do the "ta-da" hand signal. He has a great laugh, too.

5) You can grill bananas! Just chuck em on the grill, skin and all. Maybe add some chocolate chips or mini marshmallows. They're good! Go figure.

6) Spices are wicked expensive! After Isabella and I went to that cooking class last fall, I figured I'd try out some of those yummy, spice-heavy recipes. That resulted in what I now refer to as "the $40.00 side dishes" Looks like I'll have to do a lot more spicy cooking in 2010 to offset the cost!

7) Bars Close at 1:00 on Cape COd. Picture it: the look of utter bewilderment on my face as I realize that I DO NOT have another hour to sober up before getting booted. And then picture me walking up and down Main Street, Hyannis for that hour so that I can drive home. (Main Street, Hyannis is surprisingly busy at 1:00 am)

8) People have really strong feelings about microwave popcorn. Some people think it's a big bag of delicious. Some a big, smelly mess. And some think microwave popcorn is the devil incarnate covered in carcinogous cheese dust. Do not ever argue with one of these people about microwave popcorn. Just agree with everything they say and back away slowly. Then run. Very fast.

9) I'm not the only one on earth who is afraid of turtlenecks. Glamour magazine, January 2010 issue: Sarah Jessica Parker says she has panic attacks if she tries to wear a turtleneck. (That's because the turtleneck is trying to kill you, Sarah. By strangulation. I totally understand)

10) I don't believe in age. Or numbers. Ok. SO maybe I'm quoting Paul Rudd here. As Kunu. In Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But I stand behind this sentiment whole-heartedly. It's brilliant! It may be my new life philosophy. Especially since I'm crossing over into what some consider "wicked old". Luckily, I feel like I'm getting younger!

2010, watch out!


geekhiker said...

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Early New Year to you as well! If only I'd known you were going to be in SF, we possibly could have scheduled a meetup! Oh, well, maybe next year...

Heather said...

I have missed reading your lists!! Glad I'm back in the blogosphere so I can read them again. :)

Hope you're having a fantastic time in San Francisco. Happy New Year!!