Saturday, December 19, 2009

Today, I awoke feeling kind of stuffed and sniffily. (No doubt a direct result of the long run in the cold from yesterday) I was sooo super-tempted to just sleep in for the morning. But I had promised a friend I would meet her at the gym for Zumba class. I've never been to zumba before, but I used to be an aerobics freak and she was intimidated at the thought of going to a group class. So I told her I would accompany her.

It was really fun! I forgot how fun group exercise classes could be, with the right instructor! Plus, I did feel a little better after a good sweat in a warm environment.

I had an appointment to get new tires for my jeep afterward. Except that today was a Saturday and they were predicting the first big snow storm of the season tonite. So what I thought would be a one hour ordeal turned out into 5 hours.

My dad was nice enough to pick me up at the tire place and let me hang out there until my car was done. But all my plans for last minute shopping and sending were shot. Looks like I'll be trying out those new tires tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, I have to get new tires on the truck soon. Not looking forward to that bill...