Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December goals

December first...wasn't it just August? It sure feels that way. But when I look back at, say February, it seems like 5 years ago. Time is funny that way. It just doesn't seem like December should be here, though. I feel like I haven't changed enough this year, ya know?

Anyway, in spite of saying that December came too fast, writing November goals seems like forever ago. What the heck did I even write?

Oh yeah...

1) Work out 30 times in 30 days. I'll give myself almost credit. I worked out every day that I wasn't sick in November, which equals 27 in 30 days. (I counted walking all over New York City as a workout)

2) Up the water intake. Again, almost credit. I definitely was drinking more water this month, but it still doesn't feel like a habit.

3) Celebrate Isabella's birthday in New York City. Success! Too successful! hence, the "almost" on goal one.

4) Make a kick-ass side dish for Thanksgiving. Well, I'LL call it a success. I made some spicy cranberry chutney (recipe to follow) and potato-pumpkin rosti which were good. But as I learned years ago (and re-learned this year) people like their old stand-bys and don't like to be adventuresome on Thanksgiving. Oh well. More leftovers for me.

5) Lost 10# by December 15. Ok, this just ain't happening. I have been losing and regaining the same four pounds all year. Right now, on December 1, I am the exact same weight I was on Jan 1. But two pants sizes smaller. I know this about myself. Yet I still continue to fight it. I'm fighting still, though. The number continues to bug me, though the pants size doesn't

6) Buy new running shoes. Done.

7) Turn in my application for advanced clinician at work. Done.

8) Read three books from the bookshelf: Done. Got rid of two, kept one.

9)Get all details of my December trip to Cali finalized. Done

10)Continue to declutter. yeah, yeah, yeah.

ANd now on to December:

1) Holiday Booty Buster! Great motivation to keep up with the working out and marathon training.

2) Get the details of February trip and March trip finalized.

3) Finish on line class and turn in completed form.

4) Finish and submit article to health times.

5) Send out Xmas card and letter!!

6) 6-8 glasses of water per day.

7) Four (4!) books from bookshelf this month

8) Try one more new recipe

9) Have a great Christmas.

10) Have an even better birthday!

Happy December everyone!


shellyrm said...

I love the idea of setting goals but I rarely seem to offically do it. Maybe December is the month.

Great job on working toward your goals. Love the reading one. Wish I did more. And water! I wish that was part of the HBBC because I need more motivation on that one. Logic just isn't enough.

Keep up the great HBBC work. We are the best group EVER! Have a super super December.

Carolina John said...

training up for a spring marathon? i'm drooling over a local marathon here in april.

here's to a great december!

Anonymous said...

So, when are you coming to California? If you're in L.A., you should say "hello"!

Diane said...

I need to put my full list in writing. I've got stuff in my head... lots of stuff. Thanks for the reminder/inspiration!