Tuesday, February 2, 2010

another rant from a cranky old chick

Well, I was perusing around blogland today and I came across this one:
Momma Made It Look Easy

And I have to say, this blog made me soo happy. No, not because of the funny writing, the slice of life stories, the great ideas, the give-aways.

I love this blog, because I have finally found somebody else who


Listening to the drivel that whiny, flaky, over-made up Disney kid sings makes me want to jam a meat thermometer in my ear.

Why anyone thinks she is talented is beyond me.

And now, I have found a sister in my crankiness.

Thank you Jennifer!

1 comment:

Carolina John said...

baaaaahhhh!hahahahaha!!!! how can you hate on taylor swift? sure she looks too much like a young renee zellweger (not a compliment); but for her demographic (girls 8 - 15) she's hit the target square. you at least have to respect that.