Sunday, February 7, 2010

weekend wrap up

Wow! Its Sunday already and I havent' even posted the weekend wrap up yet. I usually do that on Friday. But this Friday was way busy. As was Saturday. And now here I am, doing 3 things at once before the SuperBowl.

Projects: So last week, I was supposed to import all of my CDs to itunes so I could have a wider variety of tunes on the ipod for running. And also just so everything could be tied up with a nice little bow. And it wasn't completed last week. And I was supposed to finish it this week. But you know what? "Tied up with a nice little bow" isn't necessarily the most functional situtation. I imported a few more, and then deleted a few! I categorize music in my head as "running music", "walking music", "workout music", "driving music", and "clean the house music". It makes no sense to have driving music or clean the house music on the ipod. So that's as done as it needs to be.

This week's project (completed) was to get my various bags in order: my gym bag, my work bag, my pool bag, my errand bag. All organized and neatly lined up by the door.

Book: As a follow up to the Eckard Tolle book I read two weeks ago, I read the other one this week: The Power of Now. Not really sure I needed to read them both that close together. But I did. So that's that.

Other: Small slip this week: I forgot to bring my plate into work and had to do the disposable thing one day and I used bags at the store once this week. I've been quite distracted! But the plastic bags went right into the recycling the same day (back at the store receptical).

I did get by for the first month on just one bag of trash (a rather full bag, but only one bag nonetheless). And I've seen that in addition to recycling as much as possible, I can try to buy stuff with less packaging (ie: more crock pot cooking and less frozen dinners). Maybe a 3/4 full bag of trash next month?

And next week: marathon!

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