Monday, February 1, 2010

February goals

Ah, here we are in February. Freezing our collective keisters off. And still working on my endless list of goals. I'm I really motivated? Or like a hamster on a wheel? Sometimes I feel like a little of both. Maybe because my January goals were a little more time consuming than I had originally thought:

1) Continue marathon training and begin triathlon training: SUCCESS. I'm right on track for the Myrtle Beach Marathon in two weeks. I've started with some indoor cold weather bricks (exercise bike and treadmill). I'm starting at the pool this week. And I've been skulking around the bike shop in search of some clipless pedals and maybe aerobars.

2) Finish March trip details and register for June race: Done!

3) Finish Online Class: Finished. (It took way more time than I thought)

4) Article to Health Times: FAIL. Just ran out of time.

5) 6-8 glasses of water a day: half credit. I learned that I do really well until I get all stressed out and then I do exactly the opposite of what I should be doing: I start drinking less water, more diet coke and more sugar.

6) Dramatically reduce Diet Coke consumption: half credit. See above

7) Lose two pounds: FAIL. I weight the exactly the same as I did a month ago. Of course, I gained 10 pounds training for my last two marathons, so maybe its a victory of some sort?

8) Finish mock up for brochure for work clinic: done

9) Get a new digital camera: success

10) Get my hair cut: FAIL. Can you believe I couldn't find time for a hair cut?

Maybe in February:

1) Marathon!! (my goal is 4:30)

2) Triathlon training underway

3) Get my hair cut

4) Stop hibernating and go out twice in Feb

5) Complete 30 day sugar reduction challenge (challenge from a friend)

6) water consumption

7) work with scheduling to streamline admission process for work clinic

8) Take 30 pics this month

9) Decide upon and purchase clipless pedals for bike

10) Complete 2 of 3 educational series for work

No sugar with all those yummy heart shaped boxes around? Wish me luck!

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Carolina John said...

have fun in myrtle beach! it's only a couple of hours away from us. fun marathon too. kelley ran it last year.