Friday, February 26, 2010

weekend wrap up

I have been stuck in the February doldrums for the past week and a half. And I feel like I've put my life on hold for the Olympics. (most likely because I have). Fortunately, I have build up enough momentum the first few weeks of the year so that I can more or less comfortably coast for a brief bit. I got a freezer full of meals made earlier that I'm just taking out and defrosting. I'm ahead with the one book a week (with a plane trip coming up in a couple weeks). Not so great in other areas, though.

PROJECTS: Part two of transferring all my music to my ipod was going through the CDs and pulling out CDs that I just didnt need anymore. (you know those CDs that you like ONE song on? those) I climbed into the storage area and pulled out the old jewel cases that are still hanging out there. And I'm going to the used CD store tomorrow to sell em back. I'll probably end up with about a dollar.

BOOK: An already finished selection: Born on a Blue Day. A memoir written by a savant with Asperger's syndrome.

In other news: Still doing well with the "no bags", "little trash", and "no disposable plates at work". Five other people have followed my lead and started bringing in plates, as well. And there's been talk about a 10 cent discount on lunches for bringing your own plate! We'll see where that goes. The snowball is rolling!

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