Thursday, February 25, 2010

weekly writing assignment

After a long hiatus, I decided to join the party once again over at MamaKats

The weekly writing prompt I chose this week was:

Ten Reasons You Are Better Off Without Him (or her) (or it)


10) I love to make lists. For me. Not for other people. With him I would've become the keeper of the "honey-do list". That is unacceptable.

9) I'm an excellent packer. But I only like to pack MY stuff. Not other peoples. With him I would've been in charge of packing everything. That is unacceptable.

8) We had a joke that I would never make him wear a tie. Partially because I am a casual girl. But partially because I hated his hideous Jerry Garcia ties. Now I never have to see them again.

7) And I never have to listen to the Grateful Dead ever again. (it's not that I completely hate the Dead. I actually like the first 5 minutes of all of their songs. Its the last 33 minutes of each song that get on my nerves)

6) I don't have to explain why I have male friends.

5) I don't have to explain why I love Johnny Depp.

4) And Tim Burton.

3) And Ted Kennedy.

2) If I go somewhere and forget sunscreen, I don't have to spend the next two days babying a pigmentally challenged whiner.

1) If I were still with him, I wouldn't have discovered my new love...triathlons.


Holly said...

The hope is when we leave we find something better...and sounds like you did! Stopping by from Mama Kat's

504 Main

Lacey said...

Number 7 is truly the best item on this list, haha. Love it!