Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A couple days ago, I wrote that my voice had returned and I was on the mend. Well, that was after a weekend full of lots of sleep. Monday and Tuesday were filled with 10+ hour work days in which I had to pretty much talk all day long. VOICE NOT BACK.

Until today. Today at 3:00 pm, exactly. I was in the middle of an evaluation when suddenly my head went pfffffffft and the congestion in my head felt...looser. And my head felt less echo-y. And it wasn't a strain to talk. So NOW...I can say....I'm on the mend!

Today's Joy:

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Anonymous said...

I thought that too, til I got home from work Friday and my temperature shot up to 102. I don't know what's going around this year, but it's like the uber-stealth cold or something...